Saturday, October 9, 2010


I've been thinking about getting into photography seriously lately. Seriously enough to start looking at my funds to see if I could justify a $600 camera (if not a little more).

Posted my old paintball gun that I never used on craigslist a couple of times to see if I could soften the blow of the $600. Smart Parts Ion, incredibly tricked out...never used it more than a couple times, but I bought it off a friend who had too much gear. If you're interested, leave a comment or something.

But my financial situation COULD take the hit in the short term, as I'm not paying for my car insurance right now, but in the long run, it might not be so in the "that's $600 I should've saved for x, y, or z."

Can I afford it? For right now, yes.
Should I do it? I don't know.
Would I enjoy it? Oh hell yes. I'd carry that thing EVERYWHERE.

Tips? Leave them in the comments.

(Yes, this is a detour from my ADHD norm, but you should expect that, given the nature.)


  1. you've got a great point on this one

  2. You should go for it bro JUST DO IT!
    following~ :D

  3. If you really really want it, you should do it. Otherwise you're just a slave to money.

  4. I would of said go for a film camera but you probably get bored or think its too hard but $600 is more than enough, id suggest a canon 350d for a good starter dslr, but really, its up to you, do your research and go to shops and try them out. Dont just pick one and buy it straight away, many brands cheaper are usually better for example pentax cameras