Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It was fucking crazy.
I was dreaming…and during the dream, I recognized I was dreaming. And so I did the classic tests—I hit myself--nothing.
I tried screaming--nothing. And this started freaking me out, so I tried to pull myself out of the dream—attempting to get my roommate to wake me up by screaming…etc. So. I start to try to pull myself out...and it's like this cemented in feeling. You're stuck in molasses—and you can't pull yourself out from it. It LITERALLY feels like that, too.
I don't know WHY I was freaking out so much—I dont THINK I was being threatened? Maybe it was just because I KNEW I was dreaming--but maybe I knew that the dream knew that I knew I was dreaming. (CONVOLUTED SENTENCES. I HAVE THEM.) Anyways...I managed to do it.

And so I wake up to my room. It's dark…and…all three of my roommates are in there.…which…it's two people per room, normally. And they're like, "You okay, man? You were making noise and stuff." …but I know that something's wrong—because I'm only supposed to have one roommate in my room—and there are three—and three beds. And I realize…HOLY SHIT I'M IN ANOTHER DREAM.
So I try to pull myself out of that one—and it brings me into this dream about a haunted ripoff of the camp I go to, basically...
and sometime during THAT one, I realize that HOLY FUCK I'M STILL DREAMING. It kept shifting me into dreams until I ultimately forgot I was dreaming—it made me believe that I had been there before with my Grandpa when I was younger—that the place was familiar and that I really wanted to go back there sometime—but it was someplace I had never gone—someplace creepy and reminded me of a Russian fucking nuclear shelter with a projection room inside.

That happened.
Which is weird.

In new news, I broke down and bought that camera (and it's sweet). I also got off Strattera and was put onto Concerta ER. We'll see how that goes.