Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Haven't taken Stratterra yet today and I feel OK. Glad I don't feel completely drained, for sure.

I'll be taking it before I go to bed--and we'll see how that affects me in the morning, I guess.

Today I ran into the question: what do I do after I get out of college?

The answer I have is...apply to medical school...and that happens in June. But...what happens after that? What do I do in the "off year"?

Any suggestions?


  1. Either work and go travelling or just work for the hell of it. Or pursue a hobby. You'll end up working one way or another

  2. Go work, make some good money

  3. Whatever you need to do man.

  4. I think the social norm is backpacking through Europe.

  5. Work in the meantime. If you aren't living with your parents you'll need the money and if you are living with em you should think about moving out.