Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Break Starts off Wrong

Well. I was woken up by being yelled at by a Mom who thinks she has some say in the small, minute aspects of my life that no one should care about but me.

I'm not telling her about my diagnosis OR Stratterra--as that'd be another argument I don't want to have.

Later, she catches one of our dogs under a tire by accident. I get her to stop before she runs over it completely (like she did to ANOTHER dog), and I get yelled at for THAT, too. Because it isn't the person driving the car--it's the person who didn't (re: couldn't) stop the dog from running for the tire.

Gah. Living for next Friday already.


  1. this post made me open my eyes and stop squinting!!!

  2. Wow dude, sounds like she needs to change her way of thinking. I can't believe first thing after the dog gets hit is you get blamed.

  3. Wow, seems like she blames everything.

  4. i know what you mean, parents gahh