Saturday, January 15, 2011


Boy did I fall off the wagon on this one.

Sorry folks, if there's anyone out there--and if there is, hey! Thanks for reading. Leave some comments to let me know you're still here and I'll be loyal back.

Sorry I disappeared for a while. This last semester ended up being the busiest of my college career and that can, obviously, only lead to me not doing this. Which--is better because I'm spending more of my time doing what I'm supposed to. ...which is what this blog is all about, in the end. Wow. Weird logic, but in not updating, I'm fulfilling the purpose of me doing this blog. #mindwarpingrealities

Now that I've classes...and am bored as all I am.

Off meds right now, which doesn't bother me as I don't really need them yet. I'm going to be speaking to my doc on Wednesday to see if I can get some changes, though--I don't find that the XR (extended release) pills work that well with my schedule...I'd rather be able to control when I take my medication and when it works...because throwing 8-10 hours at it (9-5, it feels like it's effective--less than the 12 hours it's supposed to) and covering my classes but NOT when I do the bulk of my work? It's very counter productive, honestly.

And half the time it doesn't even feel like it's working. I only know I've taken the medication because I don't feel hungry. And the not being hungry part doesn't bother me. I eat's just that if I'm going to be feeling stuff like this--I'd like to at least see some results out of it, you know?

It's 3:33AM and I feel it's a good time to wrap this up (3:34. Damn my need for proper diction), so I'll sign off for the night. Hoping I don't get trounced with snow tomorrow---but we'll see how THAT one goes.

See You Space Cowboy ...


  1. Its just good to know that you are back man!

  2. Of course, they all come back! >:D

    But yeah, I wish you luck!

  3. I'm bored on winter break trounced by snow as well.. it's terrible

  4. Hey man, hope you keep feeling better. Following you, come view my blog if you like!