Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beginning of the End

Classes have started for the second semester of my senior year.

1 Chemistry class to complete my Chemistry major.
2 fun/joke classes.
1 ambiguously ranked class.
And research.

That will be my life for the next 4 months. ...then it's over. Then I have to apply to medical school. That's a whole DIFFERENT road. And I've got to touch the real world for the entire of my journey down it. Scary. No more "Student-in-school" bubble to protect me from it. It's a "Student-wannabe" bubble...but that's hardly any bubble at all. Gah.

Still on Concerta, but my Doctor has basically told me to man-up and make myself sleepless by doubling up at different points during the day. That's sure to work out alright. #right? #probablynot.

But it helps half the time, and half the time is better than none of the time, I guess. All of the time would be better, but I'm working towards that still. Never expected it to be easy, I suppose.

So some comment questions: Leave answers and I'll reply on yours or whatever.
1) Are you a student?
     a)What are you/are you intending to study?
     b)Where do you want it to lead you?
2) What do you think of "the real world"--or the idea of it?


  1. I am studying latin and world history right now. Hopefully I can pursue law but we will have to see :).

  2. 1) Yes
    a) I'm undecided right now. Anything from psychology, sports medicine, and kinesiology

    2)I'm not sure what you mean.

    This blog is really interesting. Mainly because I'm a student myself. I'll follow it, hopefully you can give me some tips on becoming a better student.

    Hey if you have the time follow my blog,

  3. 1. My dream has always been to graduate from LSU with degrees in Business and Political Science. I hope to pursue a management career and possibly run for political office one day.
    2. By real world I am assuming that you mean leaving your parents to experience the world on your own. So I think at first living on your own and figuring stuff out will be difficult, but over time you should be able to adapt to the lifestyle change and embrace it.


  5. 1) yes, 3rd year college'
    - administration of justice / criminal justice
    - i just want a degree in something i find interesting and have experience with

    2) real worlds tuff man, i miss those home cooked meals

    following and supporting

  6. follow back and delete this comment

  7. I think the world has started so fast that it's foolish to rely on the advice of what older people think of the real world. Listen, but remeber that they're just as human as you, and fall for stupid schemes and shortfalls that you're savvy enough to see though. The real world, psh. Like you can really even call it that anymore.

  8. My bad, I forgot to link you.

    You should follow me so we can catch up

  9. Its sometimes nessessary to put to with the crap to gain the prize at the end. As Dolly Parton says "You have to put up the rain to see the rainbow". And people say shes just a pair of tits...

  10. I'm scared of the real world too!
    I'm doing CS cause I lvoe computers but I have know idea where i want to go or be in the future. It's all kinda scary.

  11. I'm studying social sciences, I really enjoy understanding people :) I like your blog, I'll be following!

  12. Lol, i'm still in my high school years :P


  13. The real world ain't so bad. Don't rush to have kids tho.